Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thailand here we come! (Day 1)

On Tuesday, Feb. 10th five moms and a daughter set out for an adventure to Thailand. After 3 flights and one crazy drive we made it to our destination of Pak Chiang Mai in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand. Pak is a new guesthouse in CM with only 9 rooms so they are able to really socialize with the guests and make them feel like they are part of the family. I had conversed several times through email with the owner, Noon and was pleased to finally meet her. She was a huge help in the travel plans.
After arriving in Bangkok we had to go through customs and then on to our last flight to Chiang Mai. Thankfully we had some time because we spent quite a bit of it trying to figure out where to go in this huge airport!

Chantelle, Madi and Dot waiting in line for customs.
My favorite place to stay in Chiang Mai...PAK Chiang Mai! Pak means to relax and boy, did we ever! The food was incredible and not once did we eat outside of the guesthouse. Noon kept us happy and well fed!
Dot was my roomie and this was our beautiful living space for 3 nights.

The beautiful elephant sculpture/fountain in the Pak garden.
The view looking down from our balcony.
We took every advantage of where we were so our first stop in CM was to get a 3 hour read that right THREE HOURS! Now I'm not a massage person AT ALL so 3 hours was a bit much for me. Tori, Dot and Shelly enjoyed it so much they went back again for another 3 hours of torture! Thai massages are ROUGH. I was told that in Thai you say "Bow Bow" for a soft massage. I told the massuese that but it still hurt...or maybe I'm just a wuss.

Tori and I before the pain began!