Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surf's Up

We went to see the movie Surf's Up. Don't bother if you have young children...actually even if you have older children. We weren't that impressed especially when a children's movie uses the word "sucks" and "peckerface". Not something that we want our kids repeating. It's sad that movies nowadays have to have adult humor in them. I don't remember my mom being concerned about me watching Lady and the Tramp although that kissing scene was a little steamy! ;-P
This coming week is 4th of July. I was a little disappointed to hear that there isn't much going on but then I remembered that I'm in a foreign country...duh. There is a big celebration at this place called Polaris Point which has one way in and one way out....sounds like a big ol' traffic jam to me. Chris and I aren't one for crowds so not sure if we are going to venture out or have a nice quiet cookout by ourselves. Logan also starts swim lessons again on the same day at 4:30. Was a little disappointed about that but a foreign country. Like they care about celebrating our independence. On the 21st is their celebration for liberation from Japanese occupation during WWII. I hear that the locals will camp out on the side of the road which is the parade route for up to TWO weeks to get a good spot. I suggested doing the same but Chris wasn't into it...haha!
Currently we are planning a big trip to Australia for next year. I would love to rent an RV and travel up and down the coast of Queensland but Chris isn't comfortable camping in a foreign country. So what if they drive on the opposite side of the road and we would have to fight off crocodiles, dingos and would be an adventure!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mt Lam Lam

This is Chris and Lee, last Saturday (16 June 2007) they took a hike up to the tallest part on the island (1700 feet above sea level) to LAM LAM. They had quite the journey going through the think saw grass and jungle getting to the top of the Mt. Traveling through saw grass that was chest high, and scaling rocks like a rock climber.

Upon reaching the top they took some really nice photos of the island. Heading down was an entirely different story all together. They had a little mishap.

One other traveler not shown here but also working at the hospital was leading this little expedition of three down the last portion of the hike when he disappeared. Falling down a section of saw grass to another ledge or crater (yet to be determined) about 9 feet below. Chris and Lee turned to see that Tom was no where in sight but telling them he was OK and just needed to put his knee back into place before trying to figure out where he was.

After pulling poor Tom out of the massive ditch he fell into, they safely made it to the bottom with tons of stories to tell. Def a memorable moment on Guam.................. YEAH TO THE FEARLESS CLIMBERS :)

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Sad farewell to our fav neighbors

Our dear friends, the Brown family, are leaving island in a few days. They were our neighbors and extended family. We would frequently eat dinner together at each other's houses and combine dishes to make a meal. I just joked the other day that it felt like we were a commune! We've learned a lot from them and will miss them so much. Lee was our Pastor at church who always had a clever way of explaining the bible. The girls were my daily babysitters (boy, am I going to miss that!!). Rebecca was my confidante and good friend.
Good luck in Norfolk, Brown family! We hope to meet up with you again someday.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Bible Study Farewell

Parting is such sweet sorrow....

In my opinion there was nothing sweet about parting with these people. Most of the families in this picture have already left or are about to leave. We formed a great bond with all of them as we met weekly in Craig & Kathryn's home. They rallied together to feed our family for two weeks while I was in my dark days of pregnancy sickness. All of these men and women truly embody what it means to be a Christian and to care for one another. For those of you leaving, we will miss you deeply.

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One proud day for the Morrison 5

Chris just received his award for his tour in Camp Lejuene and deployment to Iraq. It was the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. He should have received a higher award but the Marines are stingy with their awards to the Navy. (No offense to my Marine friends! We still love the Marines and want to be back with you guys!)
Congratulations Chris!

New Blog

The other blog website was sort of a pain in my neck besides the photo website that was linked to it was charging me for storage and I knew of others such as this one that was free. I will leave the other up for a while though.

So now that things are going better for me healthwise I've decided to start the blog back up again. Can't make any promises that I will get on here daily but I'll try to post something at least weekly.

Happy reading!