Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Monkey Time! (Day 3)

When making arrangements for Thailand I stumbled upon an attraction north of Chiang Mai called Flight of the Gibbons. It's a series of ziplines through the jungle. I saw it on the Amazing Race (this particular one was actually on the Asian version of this show) and thought, wow...that looks like fun. The girls were all gung ho for it and I knew there was no backing out now. When we arrived we were suited up in the finest harnesses....very attractive, don't you think?

I just had to snag this one from Chantelle. Madi seems to be the only sane one with concern on her face while everyone marches forward. I just love this picture!
I decided to bite the bullet and go first. I knew that if I didn't then I would definitely chicken out. Anticipation is always worse than the action...or at least that's what I always tell myself. Judging by this picture...would you think that it's my motto now?
We were so lucky to have made it back safely to the ground. I swear I could have kissed it but I probably wouldn't have gotten up from it! There were 18 stations in all, 13 ziplines, 2 bridges and 3 rapels. We were then fed lunch but I couldn't eat. I think my stomach was still in knots from our adventure. Afterwards we were bused further up the mountain to a lovely waterfall. We enjoyed a relaxing hike and then bus ride back to Chiang Mai.
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