Friday, February 20, 2009

Out and About (Day 4)

This was our final day in Chiang Mai and we used it to explore the area. We walked the back streets to Wat Jedee Luang Temple. Here are some snapshots along the way.

It's sad to think of how much they paid for this one street sign when there are so many people that are destitute and have to beg.

Playing in the shadow of an ancient temple.
Yummy crepes! This was being made for a local school girl and it had egg, soy sauce, ketchup, mayo, chili sauce and chocolate!
The tops of the temple buildings were so extravagant and most had some sort of animal on the tip. I don't know the significance behind them but they remind me of gargoyles in a way, placed there to protect the occupants. Thailand is also filled with contradictions, the street sign being one of them but symbol of the elephant is a HUGE contradiction. They are worshiped, their symbols are found everywhere yet they are treated so cruel.

No there is not a spirit floating in front of my body...there is a rather large smudge on the lens. I discovered it shortly after but it did make it's way into several of my pics.
One of the many Buddha statues.
This sweet bird lady came up to us with baskets of small birds and said that for 100 THB we could set them free for good luck. Chantelle was the lucky recipient of the basket and freed the poor birds.


GNR said...

WOW! Great memories. I am with you on the 3 hour massage. 1 would be enough! How sad about the elephants! Those stories about have me in tears! I know I would love that gorgeous room you stayed in. I prefer guestrooms to a huge hotel anyday. The train ride looks dynamite too. You will never regret the trips you have taken here.