Friday, February 27, 2009

(I'm having issues with my picasa storage where I store my pics so you'll have to bear with me. This posts as well as posts above it are all a continuation from "Day Five" but I am unable to post the pics in that particular post. So just read from bottom to top!)

We were told at the front desk that we needed to see the Grand Palace at sunset which was around 6. We rushed to the subway, took the train as far as we could then jumped in a suk-suk for the rest of the journey. My first suk suk ride had me screaming. I thought I was going to fall out! They drive so fast and there is nothing to hold you in except for a bar near your hips! It's a pretty exhilarating experience once you get over the fear of it. And cheap too! Our ride cost us about 100 Baht, roughly $2.75 US.

The Grand Palace was closed so we were "encouraged" to go on a boat ride. What I mean by encouraged is that we were actually followed and pestered by this man we ran into at the palace. He was trying to sell us a tour on a boat for 900 BAHT when all we wanted to do was go up the river on a water taxi to get to our hotel. We managed to talk him down about 75% of what he was asking and got a little tour around the canals. It was nice to see Bangkok from the river.
This is the view of the big Buddha statue from our hotel rooftop.
Right before bedtime was snapped this last shot of our "One Night in Bangkok"(I'm totally singing that song in my head right now!).