Monday, October 26, 2009

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns was one of the first Christian bands that I listened to when I became a Christian 5 years ago. I had the opportunity to see them when they were in Memphis thanks to my mother in law for buying the tickets AND my sister for watching the kids. It was an awesome concert and I received a renewing of my faith because of it. Listening to the music live was like being transported back in time to my "baby" Christian days. I'm so blessed to have had this experience. They will forever be one of my favorite bands.

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A visit with family

My sister came to stay with us during the week of Logan's birthday. The cousins meshed so well together. The little ones followed each other everywhere and the big ones...well let's just say that Logan was the leader of the pack. We had the pleasure of taking them around Memphis to see the many fun spots that we have enjoyed such as the Children's Museum, the zoo and the Firehouse museum. We even had a chance to dress up in halloween costumes and attend the annual Zoo Boo. I think that they had more fun just being together and playing.

This is just a snippet of our week together. There are many more photos in the web album.

Wii party for Logan

Logan turns 7!!

We celebrated Logan's birthday with a Wii marathon. His cousins came all the way from NC and he was also joined by old and new friends to help him celebrate his special day. Who needs birthday games when a Wii is around? Not these kids! We couldn't pry them away from it for the cake!

Happy Birthday Logan!! We love you!!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Put your shoes on!

Over the 3 years on Guam I craved a bible study like I had in NC which was Community Bible Study. I did not spend much time in the Word while on Guam because I didn't have a bible study to really force me to get into it. I know that's not an excuse by all means, but it's mine.

By Divine Intervention, I ran into a mom at a playground a few months ago and she told me about a study geared towards moms. It turned out to be just what I needed.

We meet to discuss the book "High-Stepping in Heavenly Places" with a group of great ladies and then we break to hear the author, Jean Stockdale, speak. Let me tell you, this woman is right up there with Joyce Meyers in my book. She has a gift for public speaking and can draw you into her story as if you're two moms sitting down for coffee.

In this study we are delving into the book of Ephesians and Jean adds her "mom" twist so we can better apply it to our daily lives. One thing that sticks out for me is that Jean calls us "Beloved", a word that Paul uses several times in the New Testament. Each time she speaks that one word, it is a reminder to me how much God truly loves us. In Hebrew it actually stems from two words 'ahebh' which means "to breathe" or "to long for" and 'agapao' which means "to prefer". God "longs for" us and "prefers" us. WE are His Beloved!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Preview

The only costume that he would agree to wearing...

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend we went to the Casey Jones Train Museum. Have you ever heard of Casey Jones? I never had but apparently he's pretty famous and has been since his death. He crashed his engine into the back of another train over one hundred years ago but he saved everyone on board in doing so. He could have jumped off to save himself but he stayed on board to slow the train down as much as he good to save his passengers. That's quite a man. There was song written about him, movies, tv shows, and merchandise galore. I sure do hope that his descendants are benefiting from it. There is an entire village with his name on it. Below are a few pics from the museum except for the first one. The boys had AWANA tonight and they had to dress up as royalty. As a "class" project this week we made the crowns and I picked up a few shields and breastplates at the dollar store to complete the look. They really wanted to bring their swords but I didn't think that their leaders would appreciate that!

Can you tell who's into Davy Crockett?
Little man did not want to be with his brothers, he had to be by himself like a big boy.
Happy Fall!
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A very Magical Week

Back in the spring, while still on Guam my friend, Kerry and I were chatting about taking a trip to Disney to utilize the military free pass for active duty. It was quite a deal that we couldn't pass up and was also a chance for us to spend some time with one another because it had been 3 years afterall! In the 3 years time frame, things had changed a great deal for both of our families. I had a baby. She had adopted a little boy from China and moved from NC to PA. The week was one of constant movement. We all had a great time but I think if we do a vacation annually, it will be some place far, far away from an amusement park! I am so glad that we had the chance for our families to mesh and get to know one another again. Kerry's son Jacob was Logan's very first best friend.

Many more photos in the web album for your viewing pleasure!
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School Picture Time

Now just because the boys (meaning Logan) are not going to a conventional school does not mean that they can't have their school pictures taken! I'm a member of a homeschool group that publishes a yearbook annually. I could not resist having the other boys get their school pics taken even if they aren't in school.

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