Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye Chiang Mai! (Day 4 cont)

Our wonderful time in Chiang Mai had to end all too soon. We said our goodbyes after a last minute foot massage. This picture was hastily taken, we jumped in our awaiting Sung Tao and were sped off to the train station.

Noon hopped on the Sung Tao with us and said goodbye to her mom and brother. We would have gladly taken you with us Noon but I have a feeling your presence would be missed at Pak Chiang Mai! (Pic shamelessly stolen from Dot's Facebook. Thanks girl!)

Sleepy girl. I had a bit of a swollen ankle due to the bug bites received from ziplining in the jungle and Chantelle, the true momma of the group was ready with Benadryl. It knocked me right out and I slept like a baby!
All of us ready to begin the next leg of our journey in Bangkok!

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napak said...

Really!!! I 'd like to go back w/ you guys
Thanks very much to be a part of Pak Chiangmai memories:)