Saturday, November 1, 2008


We went trick or treating last night with our friend, Shelly and the kids. Didn't last long though. We went up one street and down another then Tyler and Bella had to go potty. It's no wonder they couldn't hold their little bladders with all the spooky people running around! Chris took the big boys out for more trick or treating while Shelly and I stayed back with the younger ones. Tyler was chasing people down the street just to give them candy and when he reached them he would chuck it at them. He kept doing that! He was yelling "Happy Halloween!" and then *FLING* there went the candy. Poor people didn't know what to do accept bend over and pick it up! It was hilarious!

Geared up and ready for candy!
Ok now this was hilarious. Notice the bench on the right by the window? Well one of those dummies is not a dummy. He scared Shelly when she was trying to coax the boys up for some candy. Now notice the boys on the far left. They weren't budging.
Here's the other two high-tailing it before anyone made them go up for candy.
Me and Shelly