Monday, November 17, 2008


Well apparently I've been informed by my six year old (and the echo of a three year old) that I'm not cool. I kinda figured that out once I had kids but I wanted to hear his reasoning for it. He said, "Because you don't have a hoodie and sunglasses. Only that makes you cool." Oh ok, guess I'm not cool then.... I wonder I gain any cool points for BUYING the sunglasses and hoodies??

Check out Logan's cool pose. He sees the high schoolers standing like this so I guess they are his epitome of coolness.

Poor Tyler. He has no idea that his big brother is acting "cool" while Ty is giving me the ninja pose. Guess L is too cool for that. I wonder if he'll start making me call him LC.


Mandy said...

They are definately cool beans.... I think you get at least a couple points for providing the money for the "cool outfits!"