Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas time is here!

Today we decided to decorate, or well, I decided to decorate for our last Christmas on Guam. Everyone else just went along with me reluctantly. Maybe one of them will catch the spirit some day. We started with Christmas music and hot cocoa. I know, you're probably saying, GUAM?!? HOT COCOA?? Sure, if you turn the air conditioning up so it's coooold! Feels like Christmas already! This helped to get the boys into it.

Logan helped Ryland hang ornaments.
Tyler was very specific on where he wanted to hang them.
Ryland enjoyed some quiet time reading Christmas stories.
Don't you just love the haphazard way the tree is decorated? I'm not even going to try to have a Martha Stewart tree until the boys are old enough not to pick the ornaments off! Like the palm tree in the window?


My Goodness said...

How funny, "hot cocoa? Guam?"

Glad you found your spirit! :)

Last Christmas there, eek!!