Friday, November 14, 2008

Haircut and playdate

Ryland got his first haircut yesterday. I don't deem this one has his "official" haircut because the top was the only part that was trimmed. I didn't want his hair cut in the back because I don't him to lose that baby-ish look about him. I'm holding on to my last baby for as long as I can! My friend, Shelly cut his hair and she was so patient with him. It's not like she's had the practice or anything...she's got 4 of her own! Thanks for the trim, Shelly. Ryland can see again!
Little Miss Mia came for a visit today. Her sister and two brothers joined her but in Ryland's eyes, it was only Mia! Mia is his bud from baby sign class. She's his first little friend! Her momma is my good friend, Dot. I watched the kids for her today so she could attend parent/teacher conferences. The kids were great! Believe it or not, having 7 kids in my house was quite relaxing! The kept each other busy!