Monday, November 10, 2008

Day off for Veteran's Day

We had a fun-filled day today. We loaded up and headed for the bowling alley to bowl and have pizza but the power was out along with that plan. We decided to pick up Daddy and go for some pizza at Pizza Hut. After that we went to Whimsy's which is a bowling alley/arcade. They also have what Chris calls a hamster cage for kiddies. The kids really enjoyed their day off.

We made lightsabers in the morning.

Ryland playing video games with dad.


My Goodness said...

What a great day...and very cool lightsabers!! :)

John said...

Just wanted you to know I stopped by this morning. I enjoy reading the happenings of the Morrison Clan. We really miss you guys a lot. I don't have any kids stopping by the office for a treat anymore and I really miss that. Tell everyone I said hi and look out for Jeremy, he is back on the island somewhere. Mr. John