Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've been so swept up with holiday parties, making Christmas gifts and preparing for Hong Kong that I've neglected my beloved blog. There are photos in the web album for documentation that I HAVE been busy but I just haven't had a minute to post about it. The party was great fun. I danced a bit and we won $50 smackaroos from the raffle! We went with our Ramirez buds, Dale and Dot. There's never a shortage of laughter when you are around this couple! A few days before that I had a some friends over to make Christmas cookies. I had the bright idea of making stained glass cookie ornaments and ummm...I won't be doing THAT again. I was exhausted just from watching Tori and Shelly make their's and didn't want to attempt to make any. They were beautiful once baked though.

I just thought this was a cool picture. Tori, Bella and Shelly being very articulate with the cookie making.
These pictures are taken with my....*ahem*....new camera. :-) The new camera is also the reason for the blog title!
A few of the Christmas presents (in different stages) for the ladies at school.