Monday, August 25, 2008

Tokyo--Day Two

Disney Sea!
What a shock to the senses. This place was absolutely fascinating. Disney really thinks of EVERYTHING. This park was by far one of the best that I've ever been too. When walking through each seaport you actually felt as if you were there. The Venice, Italy port was first and there were gondola rides, Italian bakeries, musicians strumming, etc. The characters walked by and Mickey was bombarded. I mean surrounded like a rockstar. I have never seen that happen in the states! It was crazy. There was one picture that was actually made up of little tiny pictures of disney guests. It was amazing.
The park was packed quickly so we were limited as to what rides we could go on. The kids did not like waiting in the lines at all. I think that next time we go to a disney park it will be either off season OR when they are older.
Now let me tell you we were stared at....and I mean gawked at. I was a little prepared because of being in Guam with the Japanese tourists but some people actually dropped their jaws and stopped what they were doing to watch us walk by. It was weird. I think many of them have never seen Americans before! We got used to it but it was a bit uncomfortable at you can imagine! Everyone wanted to see the boys, especially the blonde/blue eyed ones. The people were all very friendly and smiled even though we could not communicate with anyone.

While Logan was in the bathroom an old Japanese man helped him dry his hands. (They had these peculiar hand dryers that you actually had to stick your hands down into.) Well leave it to Logan to make quite an impression on the man. A little while later we saw him and Logan runs up to him to hug him. The man follows us shortly after and gave us three envelopes with a Japanese symbol stamped on the back. There was a 1000 yen dollar bill in each one! Ok, so maybe you are thinking like me....$1000!!!! Relax's roughly $10 US but it shocked me for a second. It was a very nice gesture for the man to do that. Logan...our little social bug makes friends despite the language barrier!

A lot of women still wear the traditional kimonos. some for just special occasions, some for everyday dress.
I actually thought that these two were dressed up in costume from that Disney movie, Milan or Mulan...can't remember. BUT they were actually dressed like this to come to the park. I'm assuming they were on their honeymoon but I'm not sure.The temple from Indian Jones.
Tuckered out after a long day."Maine"Logan and his random picture taking. At least these two were able to pose. He usually just does the snap and run.

End of Day Two.