Monday, August 25, 2008

Tokyo--Day One

Waiting to board the plane.

The plane ride was a bit stressful. Tyler got sick (several times) but luckily he didn't get it all over himself or anyone else! Ryland was not amused at all by the plane. He wanted to get up and run around but unfortunately it was too jam packed in there so he was confined to daddy's arms. Logan did great. In fact, he made friends with two Japanese kids.

Glass brick sculpture with hand painted tiles in Narita International Airport.

Upon arrival we all had to use the restroom, boy, was that interesting! The first stall that Tyler and I went into was a hole on the floor. Tyler was afraid that he was going to fall in!

Then I saw the toilet, complete with bidet, muffler fan (you know, to block the sound!), two different kinds of sprays, and a nice puff of sweet smelling air to cover the bad smell. I thought it was so funny. Ok enough toilet talk.

We had to wait for an hour and a half until we could catch the last bus to our area so we decided to find something to eat. The first place we came upon was the familiar golden arches. Now in Guam you see Japanese ordering off of picture menus, well guess who's doing it now! Chris!

Waiting for the bus."Driving" the bus.

Once we got on the bus we had about an hour's ride to a hotel where we had to then catch a taxi. Whew….a lot of traveling just to get to our hotel! Once we arrived there we were warmly greeted by Japanese Elvis, the lobby manager. He just swept right in and took our bags, guided us to the counter and helped us settle in. Talk about being treated like royalty. I guess you get what you pay for and boy did we pay! The lobby was great for the kids, Logan had video games, Tyler had TV and Ryland had a fish tank. We spent a little while in the lobby while our room was prepared….they had to change all of the hotel info, etc to English!

Our room was very nice and over looked Tokyo Bay. It was so cloudy the entire stay so we didn't see very far. There was a bidet toilet in our room too. Me and my brilliant self wanted to see how it worked so I pressed the button, out come the squirter thing and squirted Ryland right in the head! The stupid thing doesn't stop unless you hit the stop button and everything is written in Japanese so I didn't know which one to push! The floor was soaked, I was soaked, the wall was dripping and Ryland was walking out of there trying to figure out what just happened!

End of Day One