Friday, August 8, 2008

Oasis Empowerment Fundraiser

I was in the back of the house yesterday and all was quiet....usually a sign that something is going on. I walked into the living room and saw our newest climber sitting on the chair just waiting for me to find him. Now he wants to climb onto EVERYTHING. I saw him on the coffee table just a few minutes ago. I should be used to the daredevil antics since I have two older boys but I wasn't prepared for it to happen this early! He's not even 11 months yet!
I bought a barely used chemistry kit at the thrift store and my little scientists were eager to get to work.
Chris and I were driving down the road yesterday and saw a parade of people with flashing lights, loud speakers, and honking horns. We still have no idea who they were or what they were doing but it was fun to see to break up the monotony of a drive through town!
Last night we went to a fundraiser for Oasis Empowerment Center. It's the only center of it's kind on island and they help women kick drug addiction as well as get their lives back. Our favorite Guam Idol was there, Miss Shannon (aka Tyler's girlfriend) singing my new favorite song, Lucky by Jason Mraz. I personally like Shannon's version better! There was a YWAM (youth with a mission) performance which moved me to tears, a young girl with a voice that would knock your socks off, a pianist and ballet dancers (Meredith mentioned that she was interested in seeing if Logan and Isabelle would later be mimicking these performances!).