Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seeing Guam from a different view

Today, the Miller family invited us out for a boat ride. I've never seen the island from the ocean and was anxious to do so. We had a blast! We saw tons and tons of skipjacks (flying fish). We snorkeled which was SO much fun but I didn't do it for very long because I was trying to keep an eye out for the kids. I think once the baby is a bit older I will put him in the CDC and make a day of it. We fished, well sort of, we actually just let the lines out while we were driving and caught two good sized tuna! Those suckers stink! It was a great day. If we ever get stationed out here again I would love to get a boat. Oh yeah...and I cut my hair off's just touching my shoulders. I'm still in shock........

My favorite picture of the day. I call this "Solitude". I think I'll print this out and hang it on my wall. What a lucky shot!

You can see my hair a little bit in this pic but there are more in the web album along with more pics of the day.I thought this was kind of neat. The sun was setting and rays were peaking out from behind the mountains.