Friday, August 15, 2008

Tyler's First day of school

We've gone back and forth as to whether Ty was ready for preschool. When Logan started Tyler was taking notice and wanted to be with his brother. I told him that he would not be in his brother's class so he decided he didn't want to go. Now over the last week he's been saying that he wants to go...he actually will refuse to get in the car because he wants to stay there! I decided not to put him in for the entire week but just for 3 part time days a week. He did pretty well today. They had chapel in the morning which he wasn't too interested in (Logan and Ryland are more of my worship kids) but the rest of the morning was a success. And as for my little worship dancers, Ryland just wanted to stand up on his own and dance like a big boy. I wish that I videotaped it because he was hilarious! He's such a musical child and I'd be surprised if he didn't grow up to be on the worship team!