Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About this time last year....

I'm another year older and feel like reminiscing a little bit.

About this time last year,
We were a family of four. Logan had just started Kindergarten. Ty and I had some quality alone time although it consisted of mommy rooted on the couch because she was too pregnant to do much.

Two years ago,
We were in NC getting ready to leave for Guam. I had to say goodbye to dear family and friends knowing that I would probably not see them again for 3 years.

Three years ago,
I was spending every waking second with my husband, trying to drink it all in, before he left for deployment to Iraq. Very sad time.

Four years ago,
I was living in NC and yet again, big and pregnant but with Tyler this time.

Five years ago,
I was temporarily living in FL but had gone to visit Chris in DC. Logan was 10 months old. Chris took me to the movies and out to dinner. I had my first facial :-)

Six years ago,
Living in CA and you guessed it...pregnant! With my little Logi.

Seven years ago,
Chris and I were celebrating our elopement (aka practice wedding) and getting ready for our "real" wedding with the family later that October.

Eight years ago,Chris took me to St. Augustine, FL for one of the best (and most spontaneous!) birthdays I've ever had.

Fifteen years ago,
I was adjusting to my life as an adult. Living in NH.

Twenty years ago,My mother took me to one of my favorite restaurants, The Pond View and rented me a limo that took us to the mall. She gave my friend and I each $20 to spend on whatever we wanted. I bought a Def Leppard tape and my friend bought Guns-N-Roses. We ended up trading them. I loved that birthday!

Twenty Five years ago,
I was celebrating my day with cousins, Samantha and Jeremy. We all had a birthday within the same week so our parents decided to do a big bday party.

Thirty Three years ago,
I took my first breath.

The circumstances change, but this one thing remains the same: ”For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.” (Psalm 117:2)


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Amy!
We miss you guys! Hope you have fun in Tokyo for your B-day!

Navylangs said...

I love your reflections of the past 33. Happy Birthday.