Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Day

Logan's class had a field trip (lots more pics in the web album) and I volunteered to chaperon and play bus driver....well, actually, van driver. It was crazy fun and I mean CRAZY! The kids did really well though for being that young and having that many kids out in public! The Japanese tourists sure had fun watching us. Some of them even took pictures!

My brave boy touching a shark!
L and the boys....gotta be the center of everything. I have no idea who he takes after! ;-)
My little ones all in there seats. We turned Ry around today and he looks like such a big boy!
Ok so here's the story of this picture. These girls came in from the pool and saw Ryland. They all wanted a picture with him.


So I stood there for Ryland's celebrity photo op and decided to practice my Japanese since I'm going in two days. I thought, what better time than this right? So I said Konichiwa! (Hello) And they looked at me strangely and said, "We're Korean." AAHH!! I have hesitated so many times in the past because I did not want to make the assumption that just because their Asian, they are japanese. Well it turns out, this time I did assume and you know what they say about the word assume but I'm not going there.
And the story of this picture....self-explanatory, right? Look at the girls on the left. Come on. Heels on a bike? They cracked me up. They were parading in all their dressed up, high heeled glory up and down Tumon like this. Not really pedaling just kinda pushing themselves along. Click on the picture to get a really good look at them. I'm sorry. I just had to laugh.
Here's me in the Godiva shoppe after dinner. Who needs cake when there's chocolate, am I right??
Oh yeah. That's the good stuff. Happy Birthday TO ME!