Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tokyo--Day Five

This was the last day of our journey through Tokyo so we decided to take it easy and join a bus tour in the afternoon. The tour started off at the World Trade Center. We went up to the 40th floor and this time it was a pretty clear day so we could see all over the city. We took a boat ride up the Sumida river afterwards to get to Asakusa. The boys enjoyed it very much and Logan made friends, as usual! We saw the famous Rainbow bridge and pass under 13 other bridges, each one a different style and color. Very cool!

We went to Asakusa Shrine and saw the 5 story pagoda that Tokyo is famous for. It was awesome. The whole experience was just mind numbing. I watched people praying to buddha, inhaling the incense (prayers) and just worshiping as they have for hundreds of years. This place was actually erected as a shrine to a buddha statue that was found in a river by three fisher men and they became gods because of it. CRAZY! I can't believe that they actually worshiped them like gods for finding a statue.

Outside the shrine Ryland was getting loved on by ladies.
After Asakusa we went to Imperial Palace and took pictures of the watch tower that has been there since the mid-1600's. The Imperial Palace is closed to the public and only opens twice a year. The Emperor and his consort live there and do not leave the premises. There is a moat around the entire place. It's very interesting.
Ancient Samurai Warrior.
Famous Kabuki Theater
Ginza Strip...upscale shopping district.
And that's the end of our trip!