Friday, March 21, 2008

Weekly Update

I've been so busy with being sick and fixing up friends' blogs that I've neglected my own!

We took Logan to the ENT doc today and as of right now, he does NOT need to have his tonsils out. They are enlarged but he wants us to just keep an eye on them. If he stops breathing for a short period of time at night (sleep apnea) then we'll look again at taking them out.

On Wednesday Logan rode a bike without training wheels! YAY! It's been quite the challenge for Logan because he gives up after the first time if he doesn't do it perfectly. I remember being like that when I was younger so I certainly can't fault him for it! I'm just a little more stern with him and he gets back on and tries again. Although Chris gets all the credit for this one. He practiced with him a lot and he finally let him go.

Ride little buddy...RIDE!!
On Thursday we had mom's group at my friend, Lauren's house. It was fun since Logan and Cole go to school together (they are on spring break this week) so they got a chance to play. Afterwards myself and three friends took our kids to Guam's version of an aquarium. The kids had fun as usual, the adults were a little stressed trying to keep up with the kids...ok, no one was stressed...just me!
Here's all the kids stopping (briefly) for a pose.
On Friday, Chris took the day off and we decided to go to Onward Waterpark. We had a very good time in the lazy river and riding the waves in the wave pool. There really aren't any waves here on Guam that you can swim in (strong rip current where there are some). We picked some chairs right by the lazy river and these four Japanese girls were swimming by. They took one look at Ryland and jumped right out to say hi. They wanted me to take a picture of him with them. I, in turn, had to "document" it for my blog!
Ryland the Rockstar!
He's getting his first two teeth on the bottom. He's not even fussy about it either! Such a good baby.
The boys stopped for a quick shot on their way down the river.