Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Saturday

We headed up north to pick up my artwork and also to run by a sale that was going on up near Andersen AF base. That was pretty much a waste of time because everything had been picked over so we took this opportunity to take our time getting back down south. We stopped at Guam's version of a dollar store. Nothing was quite a dollar but it was cheap for Guam. Then we made our way to the Chinese Park. I've always wanted to stop here because it has spectacular views of Tumon Bay. We had a couple photo ops and made our way to the mall to get Logan some shoes. Of course a trip to the mall is never complete without hitting our favorite ice cream place, Coldstone. They didn't have my favorite watermelon sorbet anymore which was disappointing but I got the old reliable, cheesecake. YUM!

Here is Guam's mascot. These statues are everywhere they are just painted different.
Confucius says: Look behind me for good view.
The procession
Ryland wanted to ride too.