Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hippity Hoppity.....Happy Easter!

Yes, Ryland does look like he's in pain but I assure you he's not. He was a little tired and grumpy and I made them pose for a picture as we were rushing off to church. We were late as usual!

Easter morning they each got a small little basket. Of course they were so excited to see a big chocolate bunny....more chocolate than they EVER get in one sitting.
Yesterday we decorated easter eggs. It was a lot of fun and they really got into mixing the colors. In the afternoon on Saturday, we went for an easter egg hunt that some friends were putting on.
All the kids patiently posed for a few pictures right before we let them go. It was a wild race to get the eggs. I helped Tyler while Logan disappeared with the bigger kids to get the harder reach eggs. Judging from the picture above he did just fine. They were only supposed to get 10 eggs each but you know how that goes.........
Ryland wanted in on the egg action too. He really enjoyed gnawing on this egg.
Saturday evening was a lot of fun. We went to McD's and brought our food down to Polaris Point with the Miller's to enjoy the sunset. Guam has some of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen.
More pictures in the web album.


lefobserver said...

PLEASE can you enter in my blog in order to take the flag of your country and it is written in my map of visitors? thank you