Monday, March 24, 2008

The natives were restless....

My little mini-men were very bored today so I decided to take them on a jungle trek or what we on Guam call, a boonie stomp. I loaded up the explorers, their flashlights (thanks for the idea, Lauren!) and we set off for a cave. I read them the book "We're going on a bear hunt" all the time so that's what I said we were doing. That probably wasn't the best thing to say since Tyler wanted NO part in hunting for bears. I told him that there aren't any bears on the island, only boars. To which he said..."I don't want any boar pigs!" Yes, not a good idea to tell him that one either.

We found a cave that the Japanese had dug out during WWII and we set out to explore it. We made it as far as the entrance before my little chicken (Ty) was saying...."Can we go back home now??" Logan was at least brave enough to pose for a picture. I can't blame Tyler though, after seeing the move "Letters from Iwo Jima" I was a little creeped out. If you haven't seen it yet, it shows how they used the technique of fortifying themselves in caves like this for protection. I had flashbacks from the movie and actually envisioned a Japanese soldier running at me with a bayonette! Yes I do have quite the imagination! Logan wanted me to go in with him but I made the excuse up that Ryland was in the backpack and I was afraid that I would hit his head on the ceiling of the cave!

I decided to take them on the trail we found since the cave was now out of the question. Tyler squealed most of the time because he was afraid of spiders and I tried to put on a brave face (like Logan had naturally!) and hit the spider webs down with a stick. Well after seeing my first gargantuan banana spider I hightailed it out of there with Tyler following suit! least I tried to go on a boonie stomp! Below are a few pics that I took, check out the one with Logan "helping" his little brother past a spiderweb.