Sunday, March 30, 2008

This weekend

On Saturday we went to a chamorran carnival at our friend, Emma's school. Logan rode on his first carabao! Tyler got just close enough to it so I could get him in the shot. He was not interested in riding that big smelly animal. I thought it was kinda cute!

On Sunday we had chapel at the beach. It was beautiful and so much fun. I really enjoy having chapel on the beach because you're in God's church...the world! Who needs a building?? Afterwards we ended up lounging by the pool for several hours. It was great. Logan swam like a fish (I was worried that he would tire himself out after numerous trips across the pool but he didn't!) and Tyler was like a little buoy floating around. In the picture below they came together for a short time to float on the pool noodle. The good time ended soon after when Tyler had had enough of his brother's antics.
Here's a good shot of Ryland with his two teeth. He was such a good baby at the pool. He's probably going to follow along with his brothers because he loves the water and actually tried diving in several times while Jen and I held him. He actually WANTED to put his face in!
Benji and Tyler were having a good time ham'n it up for the camera. See more pics in the web album. I actually got into it with them!