Friday, March 7, 2008

Quarterly Festival!

Yesterday Chris's department had their quarterly festival. We all got together at Jimmy D's beach resort for some fun, food and little rain (not much sun going on!). The kids all had a blast playing on the stage normally meant for the bands but this day it was the location of a game of tag and dumping of the sand. Chris swept it off twice but gave up after that. My family would be proud...we had karaoke! But don't worry...I didn't sing!

Here's Ryland's new thing. I likes to stick his tongue out all the time. Yesterday he even engaged me in a game of "where's the baby" and he would pull the blanket up over his head.
Steamed (I think) fish on the grill. This went quick but I didn't get any. I may be adventurous but not with my cuisine!
Belting out some karaoke!
Note: More pictures for your viewing pleasure in the web album.