Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes I throw the term around loosely when referring to myself but I have officially lost my mind. I have completely torn apart the HTML of my blog and tried to piece it back together so that I can have a "unique" look. didn't work. Here I am thinking I'm such a genius tweaking this and that. I'm lucky that this thing is still up and running because as of 10 minutes ago, IT WASN'T! It was nothing but a blank screen with a few dashes. Man O Man, was I upset. I promise to stop fiddling with it once I get it back to the way it was...I think. I'm always one for a challenge but this is ridiculous!


Party of "5" said...

I love your perserverance! I know what you mean though. You need a degree in computer science to figure out how to tweak your blog. I love how you added your family pictured under the title. You will have to show me how to do that. Looks fantastic! I have attempted to change the template but no luck.
On another note, we are busy getting medical, dental, school records for the medical clearance. Not sure how the Navy is but it is grueling. Is there a mosquito problem on the Island? Just wondering.