Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two Lovers' Point

Today is our anniversary but we actually celebrated it yesterday. Our thinking was that both boys would be in school and we would just have the baby. Well Logan did not have school so he was forced to be our camera man for the picture below.

We went to Two Lover's Point which is a tourist attraction here on Guam. According to legend, a wealthy chamorran/spanish young woman fell in love with a poor chamorran young man. The father of the young woman had betrothed his daughter to a selfish Spanish captain against her will. She ran away to be with her true love and was pursued by the father, the captain and the spanish guard. They eventually caught up with the doomed lovers on the very cliff you see below. Knowing that if they were captured, the young lovers would be forever separated, the woman married off and the young man killed. They tied their hair together into a knot, kissed one last time and jumped from the cliff. Pretty romantic or tragic..depends on who you ask. To me, it sounds like the perfect story to get people out to look at the gorgeous view! See more pics in the photo album.
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Good pictures. Glad you are feeling good again and can once again go exploring. Hope you had a great Anniversary and that you got my message.....You can tell something was captivating to Logan..figures it was a movie or TV..Thanks for the interesting Guam pics and history....Love to all of you again Happy Anniversary...Love Mom and Dad