Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Freaky Lizard

Currently this is Logan's favorite video. He just laughs and laughs then tries to mimic the lizard's run.


MOM said...

That gives us a better idea of what he was showing us on the cam.That is too funny. I can just hear that laugh of Logan' is one of the most awesome sounds.
I think Ryland said "hey I am gonna come out big and bad cause I have two brothers and I have to show them a thing or two" Gosh he is so beautiful. PapPap said put the video of Tyler doing the cadance, on You Tube so we can share his talent. Can't wait to see and hear it. Give them all hugs and kisses and tell Logan that
we hope he is feeling better very soon since he has to celebrate that big "5th" Birthday....Love to you all.....Mom and Dad

Robb & Shelley said...

That is the weirdest lizard I have ever seen! I can see why Logan laughs though. It has it's own built in umbrella! Tell my peanut I hope he feels better! And I love the pics of Ryland! So cute...squishy puffy cheekies! LOL Can't wait to see Tyler's cadence. That will be funny! Future military man?! HMMMMM.....

Love you guys