Monday, October 15, 2007

Micronesia Islands Fair

On saturday we went to the Micronesia Islands Fair. There was a booths representing each of the islands on this side of the world such as Kosrae, Pohnpei, Palau, Saipan, etc. It wasn't very big but you can't expect anything on Guam to be the size of fairs in the states. There was vendors selling food indigenous to the area and local crafters with items specifically from the islands such as jewelry made from shells. It was neat to experience the culture that we are currently apart of. There was a few huts set up to demonstrate how the tao tao mona (ancient ones) used to live. I'm really getting into learning the chamorran language, can you tell??

This is a boat called the outrigger. If you look closely on the left hand side you'll see a large carving that they are working on out of a huge tree trunk. They were giving demonstrations on how to make this boat. It was very cool. They happened to be rotating it when we were watching and Logan wanted to help. My little muscle man!

You see this kind of island dancing a lot here, for obvious reasons, but we sat down for the show because I thought the boys would enjoy it. Unfortunately, they were more into their sno-cones than the dancing. Guess they've seen it already and it's not as exciting! There's a few more pics in the photo album of the fair.
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