Friday, October 12, 2007

Napu's Christening

Hafa Adai! On friday afternoon we had a fiesta for Ryland's christening and also for the end of the fiscal year for Chris's department. It was a fun celebration complete with a whole pig...yes I said that right a WHOLE pig, lots of food, coconut husking, grating and candy making. The boys enjoyed swimming, sand, dancing and of course as many popsicles that they could eat. Tyler was especially good at this...he'd get one out of the cooler and look to whoever was standing there with his big blue eyes to open it for him. I told him no after two but I think he had closer to five! Logan had fun husking the coconuts but I was a nervous wreck watching him because he really put his body into it. See the pictures in the photo album so you'll get my meaning. When it actually came to eating the coconut he was less enthused. Ryland was enjoying being passed around to all of his tihas (aunties) and nanan bihas (grandmothers).

For those of you that don't know, this is Napu (aka Ryland). It is chamorran for ocean wave. It was a name given to him by Tess, a lady that works with Chris. All the babies that are born in the department get a local name as well as their birth name. I asked Tess if we could temporarily call him "ripple" since he's so little!
See what I mean with the popsicles?? If you look at the pics in the photo album Tyler has a different color in each one!

Here's a great picture of some of the gang on the beautiful beach we were at. It rained when we got there but like Guam's unpredictable weather, you just sit and wait...the weather will eventually change!
We would like to send out a great big Si Yu'us Ma'ase to all of Chris's department. We had a blast and look forward to our next fiesta with you! I would also like to send out a big thank you to Theresa Patton for taking pictures. (160 pictures!?!? WOW!).
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WOW!!! How cool!! Looks like everyone had a great time. I like the diaper cake! Looks like little Napu is loved by everyone! Did you eat any of that pig??? ...yuck... Great pictures. Love Mom in SC