Monday, October 15, 2007

On the hunt for a mermaid

Sunday we took the boys on an "adventure". Since I'm able to get around easier now that I'm healing from the pregnancy I've been itching to see some more of Guam. I told the boys that there was a mermaid that we had to find and they were all into it...or at least Logan was. In the downtown area of Hagatna, the capitol of Guam, is a little park. There is an old spanish bridge that was built in 1800 and next to it is a statue of a mermaid. Now this is sort of below street level so it's not easy to spot. We began the hunt at the top of the bridge (see second picture) on the left hand side. Logan was the first to spot it. He was very excited. They both ran down to get their picture taken with the mermaid but once they got to it they were pretty hesitant to get on it. Thankfully our friends, Theresa, Darron, Katie and Hannah were there. Hannah saved the day and jumped in the pic with them.

This is the bridge and water used to run through downtown Hagatna but they have redirected it after the WWII.

I really like this stained glass window. Logan was sick of having his pic taken by this point, can you tell?
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