Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday/Bum Day

Sunday was a bum around day. We made origami as you can see here. I found a japanese dollar store that sells all kinds of cool things from japan. It's actually NOT a dollar store it's a $1.50 store! The japanese are experts at making things miniature. I found tiny tongs that are probably about 4 inches long and little bitty bottles that they use in the kids school lunches for soy sauce. I found a origami instruction book there as well as the paper. It's pretty difficult to do though because I can't read japanese so we just did the easy ones. I made a rabbit (the one near Logan's face) and he made the fish and boat.
Another thing we did was the slip n slide. The pool was closed because it did not have enough chlorine in it so we decided to pull this out of storage. The boys had a great time especially when Chris started throwing them down it! Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of that.

Here's the Statue of Liberty "Guam style". A couple of the pointy things are broken off of her crown. This is in a park here at the most western point of the island. It's the furthest part west of America. Guamanians pride themselves on being the island where "America's Day begins". See more pics of our day in the album.


CresceNet said...
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Robb & Shelley said...

Man! Aunt Shell Shell is so jealous of the fun you guys had! We use to slip and slide in our back yard too! Well we had land mines to dodge thanks to the dogs but when you are little who cares?! LOL ;) Origami is so cool. I miss you guys!!!

MOM said...

Looks like you and Logan got in touch with your artistic side over the weekend. Tyler you looked just like your Dad going on that Slip n Slide.....Ryland has his work cut out for him soon just to try to catch up with his big brothers...Don't let him grow to fast so that his family in the States miss too much... Love You All!!!!!!!!