Wednesday, April 8, 2009

USO Movie Day -- Spring Break 09 Day ONE

Yesterday was Logan and Tyler's first day of spring break and we went out for a movie day at the USO. In our household the USO is mentioned pretty much every day. There is always some sort of request put in for going to the USO. Logan loves it and Tyler loves anything that he loves. When I told Logan the night before that he needed to go to bed because we were going to his favorite spot he gave no complaints and quickly complied to my request.

Now here's a funny story. Below is a picture of Dot, me and Glynda. We all met through my blog. I was corresponding to emails from both Dot and Glynda at the same time last year. Both had received orders to Guam and found my blog through research of the island. Dot and I met shortly after her arrival but Glynda and I had lost touch until one fateful day.....Dot met myself and friends at the local aquarium but I was running late. While she was waiting she met Glynda who recognized her through my blog! That moment got me back in touch with Glynda! We did not officially meet until a chance encounter in Macy's several weeks ago. We planned a lunch to get together but one of Glynda's kids were sick and until recently had not made any more plans. Yesterday was our first official "hang time" with her and the kids. It was great and I only wish that we had met sooner since my time on island is now coming to a close.

Kiddos sprawled out and ready to watch Bolt.
Most of the gang...the big boys were playing video games. The little girl next to me was just hanging out with watching Bolt!
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