Saturday, April 11, 2009

Boonie Stompin'! -- Spring Break Day THREE

There are many things to do on Guam but you have to select them carefully when you have small children so that's why we went boonie stompin at Asan Beach Park again. We gave a tour to the Ramirez and Simmons families along with a little bit of history from the park. A battle was fought here to take back control of the island and rescue it's people from the Japanese occupation during WWII. Artifacts can still be found on the shore and that was the basis for our mission. Each child was given a baggy to collect all the things they discovered. My plan was to do a little show and tell afterwards with our findings but I was just too exhausted from the hike with Ry on my back and helping Tyler along the way...he's my cautious one. Thank goodness for one of them being cautious, right?!
Some of our findings were:

A leaf from a Breadfruit tree. It's half the size of Logan!

A boonie bee nest. Yikes!

A Hug! Awwww!
A hiding place! A little hermit crab crawled all the way up there.

A breadfruit. You cook it like potatoes. This one is pretty small.
A hand. Tyler, my very cautious boy, was never too far from mommy in case a hermit crab would get him!
A new friend! We found several blue starfish along the way.
A beginning to a comedic acting career. Crazy mer-man Ryan!
A rest. Much needed, might I add.