Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day at McCool

Last night we went a spaghetti dinner at the base school that benefited Guam's endangered animals. They had different exhibits such as live insects, a fruit bat, a brown tree snake, a Guam rail (aka the KoKo bird-looks like a roadrunner because it has no wings!), starfish, hermit crabs and booths set up explaining the different coral in the area. There was even one exhibit, with two large sea turtles (not living), that Tyler liked because it had baby sea turtles in a jar. We just watched a National Geographic show on baby turtles. He loves anything baby. It was a fun filled, informative night!

Logan with his best bud, Ryan
Tyler admiring the baby sea turtles
Brown tree snake
Logan w/ the fruit bat
Guam rail aka KoKo Bird