Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009

We took the boys to the base Easter egg hunt for some good times. I honestly have never liked them because I feel like it's too easy to lose your kid when he runs off from you to find eggs and then tries to find his way back. Makes me nervous. Don't we teach them to not run off and then give them free rein on egg hunting day? Makes no sense to me but I conformed to the norm. They had a great time accept for when Tyler's egg was stolen right out from under him by another kid. I captured the look he gave him right after. Logan was very successful because he was on the older end of the spectrum. Poor Ty only ended up with 3 eggs but lucky for him that he has an older brother that was willing to share. Ryland couldn't figure out why we had to wait to go get the eggs which made him pretty mad. Once the bunny said go and everyone started running it freaked him out and he started to cry. All in all the boys did enjoy themselves.

This is's usually Ry sleeping with the other two awake!
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