Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dining Out - A Navy Tradition

We had the privilege of going to our first Dining Out last night. A Dining Out is a formal dinner to support camaraderie among officers' of the command. It's very structured and includes dinner, drinking and skits for entertainment. Every action such as a trip to the restroom is choreographed meaning you must wait until they 'allow' you to take a break. You are not supposed to sit upon entering the room until everyone is standing behind their chair and the Captain and his wife sit down. Before dinner is served there is a 'parading of the beef'. In every command it's different but it usually means that someone or a group people parade the roast or whatever is being served around the room. Well this was done "Guam-style" and a carabao was paraded around the room. And if I didn't know what a carabao does when it gets nervous than I do now. Let's just say, it stunk! It was a very shocking amusing moment. During the night skits are performed, some previously recorded and others live. The different Corps were fined at random times during the night and made to drink from the "grog" which is a nasty concoction made up of anything and everything that they could get there hands on. The spouses were even fined at one point (thanks DALE!) to drink from the grog....guess they didn't want anyone to feel left out! It was a nice night, everyone looked beautiful in their dresses and dapper in their uniforms. I'm lucky to have had the amazing opportunity to attend a traditional Dining Out.

Before the dinner bell rang we lounged around listening to soft music and had free flowing refreshments.
The men looking rather dapper, don't you think? Dale (center) was Mr. Vice President for the evening which means that he had to MC the event. He did such a great job and even sang a "sound of music"-esque song. Job well done, Dale! We were all impressed!
"Parading of the beef"
Medical Service Corps were fined for having a good skit. Here they are drinking the grog in unison. Chris is the seventh one from the left, half hidden.
A special thanks to Dot for letting me steal borrow her pictures and to George Potak for taking a fantastic shots both, group shot inside and outside at sunset!