Friday, September 19, 2008

Croup strikes again

Tyler is usually are croup patient but today it was Ryland's turn. We were up several times last night because he was having coughing fits with that tell tale sign of the "barking seal" cough. This morning he sounded better but I decided to go ahead and make an appointment for him anyway. The doc had two breathing treatments ordered and by the end of it he was not a happy camper. We were given oral steroids and sent on our way. He fell asleep but awoke shortly after with even more labored breathing than before. We were on our way off base to get something for lunch when I turned around and headed back. We took him straight to the ER and that's where we stayed for 5 hours. He had 3 more treatments with the last finally doing the trick although it wore off after two hours. He was discharged and here we are at home...and he still has a strong stridor (noise while breathing). We're going to monitor him tonight and Lord willing, he'll be better by tomorrow.