Thursday, September 11, 2008

Valances for less!

I told Ms. Rie from Tyler's preschool that I would make her some valances for her room...back in August. I sort of forgot about them until I ran across these little doozies! At the NEX (navy exchange for all you non-military!) they are having a sale right now, additional 50% off of clearance. I picked up 3 tablecloths for $4 each and I have enough material to make valances for 4 windows (two of them are pretty big) plus a couple of oversized throw pillows. All for $12! So I'm posting this for all my Guam friends that are in search of cheap valances for your to the NEX now! Pick up a couple of tablecloths, sew a rod pocket on top, a hem on the bottom (unless you use the hem from the tablecloth!) and voila! Instant valance! I love a deal!