Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday WEEK, Mom! (Grammy)

Shortly after my grandmother passed away, two years ago, my mom found out that what she thought was her birthday, Sept 4th, was not her correct date of birth. It's actually Sept 1st! You see, my mom had an old copy of her birth certificate that had been folded up with a crease going right through the birth day. My grandmother had written the number in since it was no longer legible BUT she wrote in the wrong number. (My grandmother had 8 kids so it's not uncommon to forget a date!) Speaking of forgetting...I don't quite remember how my mom found out about it except that I think she had lost the birth certificate and when she requested a new one she received it with a different date of birth! She went to NH to research it and found her birth announcement in the local paper with the 1st as the date of birth. So all of these years (don't worry mom...not giving away your age!) we've been celebrating the wrong day! I guess it doesn't matter long as you celebrate it, right?

So in my household, I declare the first week in September as Grammy's Birthday Week!