Monday, September 22, 2008

STOP! Hamster Time!

Tyler is all about hamsters these days since Hammie joined the family. Unfortunately we gave Hammie to the boys' school because she slept all day and they never got any interaction with her. When they did she was nearly used as a bowling ball (in her little purple ball) several times so we were doing her a favor by donating her to the school. This way we get to visit with Hammie whenever we want and there is no danger of hamster bowling!

This morning we read Mercer Mayer's Trick or Treat Little Critter. There was a part towards the end that the kids made their own halloween mask out of a paper bag and Tyler was all about that. He loves to pretend that he's everyone and everything BUT Tyler. So you guessed it...he wanted to be a hamster. Of course the mask does wonders to cover the little shiner that is developing just under his eye. He so gracefully spun around on one foot and face met chair.

Showing off the book, the mask and the soon to be shiner.(It doesn't look so bad in the pick but it's a noticeable red lump.)
Christmas 2008 preview....Chris and I glued on little stickers of Jesus to magnets and then topped them off with glass beads. I'm going to put 6 of them in a altoid tin with a sticker on it that says "He's the reason for the season". They came out really cute and with Chris's help I got them done super fast although I don't think he enjoyed it as much as I did!
Last Saturday we were stuck in the house because of rain and sickies so I made a German Pancake. Ever had one of those? I was looking for a recipe to use for my cast iron skillet...I just love that thing...anyhow, I ran across this recipe. I omitted the cinnamon and added a little hot fudge, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with whipped cream (not shown). It was devoured in seconds, of course, if I put chocolate on asparagus they'd eat that too! Chris thought it was bit too eggy but the boys liked it.