Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Project

I'm gearing up for a bible study that I'm starting on Thursday and I pulled out my NIV which has become my favorite version of the bible. Only my NIV has seen better days! I've thought of getting a new one with a nice pretty cover but then start to think of the less fortunate that don't even have a single bible and here I am with several versions! (I know, I'm great at giving myself guilt trips!) I do not have any pretty scrapbook paper to cover it with so I decided to use some of my new fabric that I brought back from Japan. I'm in L-O-V-E with this one because it reminds me that we are all the Lord's sheep.
I simply folded this like we did to our school books back in the they even do that anymore? I turned the flaps inside out, stitched them, and slid the book in. It was so easy! I did make another one before this that was made with my faux leather fabric but I miscalculated and it turned out a bit smaller than the Bible. I put straps on that one. For this, I left the straps off but I'm thinking of putting a tab with either velcro or a snap to keep it closed.
This is a quick and easy project that virtually anyone with minimal experience with a sewing machine can do. Here's an idea...make a bunch to sell at a craft fair! Buy some funky fabric and coordinate the straps with a different print. Oh, the possibilities are endless! (I'm talking specifically to you, Brownie girls!) Here's a link to a free pattern.