Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm in love with this idea! Here's a way to reuse old leather belts. They are all simply buckled underneath! See here for more details.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The floor dweller is up and walking!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So disturbing but SO funny!

Chris won't let me do this with his picture. I don't know what he has against getting dorked up?! - Dad?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And I thought I was a modern woman...


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


Today was a rainy, blah day so I surfed the net....can never do enough of that! I have Mozilla Firefox browser, which I LOVE because it offers add-ons and one in particular is called Stumble. You set your interests and then click stumble and it brings up different sites around the net that you might enjoy. I've clicked about 10 times and I bookmarked about 7 of those sites because they were something that I really liked. One of the sites that I want to share is called Etsy. I've been to this site before because Chris's cousin, Susanna has a shop and sells things that she has made but I've never been to this particular part of the site. I had a "whoa" moment when I found it. Check it out and make sure to move your mouse around!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The boys wanted in on the fun!

But Chris said that he didn't want to be "dorked up". haha!


Make your own Zing!


Make your own Zing!


Make your own Zing!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

May the force be with you.....


Make your own Zing!

Too much time on my hands

I love to laugh and wh0 better to laugh at than yourself!? I'm totally loving the site that has painstakingly searched for fun things to do with pictures. I doctored up this photo at There are so many fun things to do with your photo. Give it a try!

Amy Simpson

Have you ever simpsonized yourself? If not, give it a try here!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A cool gift idea

Have you ever wanted to publish your own children's book? Well now you can at! You can insert your child's picture into a storybook and they do the rest. No need to be bothered with writing a story...who has time for that? This is the coolest idea for little ones to really get immersed in their stories!

Having fun....

I have to say that I've been having a blast with this website. It has loads of cool things for pictures as well as ideas for taking pictures. This is a site that actually ages your photo 60 years. The site is all in Japanese but the only thing you need to do is hit the browse button to upload your photo and then click the button below that. Voila! Instant aging!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art showing

Image Hosted by

It's amazing the things that you can do on the internet. Just having a little fun with my pic! You can check out more fun "art" with your photos here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Biba Liberation!

Today was the liberation day parade. It was SO hot but thankfully we had umbrellas to shade us.
The kids had a great time collecting loads and loads of candy...greaaaat. Looking forward to the sugar high later!

Here's Tyler collecting what he can find and using his shirt to hold it all.
Here's our neighbor, Rick heading up the troops from ComNavMar. He is Isabelle's dad.

Here's Chief with a big smirk on his face. Last year he didn't break a smile so we were lucky this year! Uh oh, Chief...gotta watch that military bearing!!
Wow what a patriotic picture of CAPT Rothacker aka The Lollipop Man...that's what the boys call him!
All hot and sweaty....gotta love Guam!
They were bbqing on the float!
Fill 'er up...oh wait...those are carabaos! Who knew that they ran on gas?!

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Hello from Bunny Town!

I'm bunny-sitting our friends bunnies and promised a peak at how they've been doing while the family is away. I swear I don't give them but ONE raisin a day like I was told but when I pulled the cover off of the box Floppy and UhOh both stuck their heads in.

The bunns are a little leary of me except for Floppy, the tan one.
He's my bud, the only one that comes to greet me and he actually let me brush him the other day!
I promise that I'm keeping the room clean but Logan came over with me yesterday and wanted to "help" which lead to their water bowl being knocked over hence the dark blue spot on the rug.

Garrett and Madison....the bunns say hello!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Liberation Day BBQ

Today we attended our favorite church, Christian Life Center for worship and fellowship. We enjoyed great music, preaching and a very yummy spread of the island's best dishes. Afterwards Tyler followed around Miss Shannon (aka GUAM IDOL!) for some fun coconut hunting. He was trying to get her to climb a tree and get a coconut down but with the shoes she had on...don't think that would have been possible!

Can you say FIERCE! I love Shannon's shoes!
Ok so it was a rainy day on and my restless self has to do a project. It was one that I have been saving newspapers for. I finally get enough newspapers, rolled out 25 newspaper tubes, stapled them together and voila! A geodome. I was a little bit crazy for attempting this one with the boys running around wanting to "help" which basically means they wanted to take the newspaper tubes and beat each other with them as if they were swords! Once completed it stood erect in the middle of the floor for a total of 10 minutes before my los destructos squashed it. *sigh* So much for rainy day fun!
Blue-eyed boys...doesn't Ry look so old in this pic?
My new antique bookcase from Bali. It's got a crack on the top of the decorative trim so we got a discount on it. I would not have been able to afford it otherwise! It's ok to me's a symbol that reminds me that we are all some ways it can be seen and in other's it can't! Ok enough getting philosophical. That's also the chair that we bought that is teak with a leather cover. We're usually too cheap to buy nice furniture, plus I prefer old beat up stuff with character but we needed to get something from Guam before we leave!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sad News

Andy Widman, the husband of Chris's cousin was shot and killed yesterday. He leaves behind his wife, Susanna and their 3 young children (4, 2 and 5 months). Andy was responding to a domestic disturbance outside of a nightclub and was shot in the face at close range. He never even drew his weapon.

Andy is a man of God. He studied to become an ordained minister. For a long while he and Susanna contemplated traveling to Thailand to live as missionaries. He chose to become a police officer so that he could stay close to Susanna's family as their children grew.

To say that I am saddened is an understatement. I am rocked to the core with grief. Andy's children will never know their father. His wife is a widow...forever to live without her true love. I'm desperately seeking spiritual answers as to why or how this could happen to such a faithful man with a young family to care for. Only our good Saviour and Comforter knows and I pray for his family to be lifted up to Him and given peace during this horrible time.

If you have a moment, please stop and pray for Andy, Susanna and their babies.

Lamentations 3:31-33
For men are not cast off by the Lord forever.Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love.For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.

If you would like to read more, please click here.

Me from A to Z

A. Attached or single? Attached - happily married for 7 years
B. Best friend? Kerry...miss her terribly!
C. Cake or pie? Chocolate Cake
D. Day of choice? Friday – love the start to the weekend!
E. Essential item? AIR CONDITIONING
F. Favorite color? Barn the changes often!
G. Gummy bears or worms? Worms
H. Home town? Raymond, NH
I. Favorite indulgence? Getting my hair done or a facial...neither happen often :-(
J. January or July? July...hate the after Christmas blues!
K. Kids? I'm blessed with 3 beautiful boys....LO, TY, & RY
L. Life is not complete without? Jesus!
M. Marriage date? The legal one...Aug 11, 2001 The one for fun...Oct 20, 2001
N. Number of brothers and sisters? 1 sister, Christy that loves me no matter what
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples
P. Phobias? hmm let's see...spiders, back hair (don't ask) and smelling stinky
Q. Quote? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15
R. Reasons to smile? My family, my friends & my blessed life!
S. Season of choice? FALL
T. Tag 5 people – anyone can join in if you wish and PLEASE DO - the more the merrier!!
U. Unknown fact about me? I paint and write poetry.
V. Vegetable? Butternut Squash
W. Worst habit? distracting myself with the internet
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound – loved seeing my babies!
Y. Your favorite food? Buffalo anything as long as it has blue cheese with it!
Z. Zodiac sign? Leo

Your turn!

Tim Hawkins - Holding Hands

I just had to add this one cuz Chris hates holding hands in church!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tim Hawkins-My favorite Bible verse

This guy is hilarious! Check out some of his other videos and songs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Future Architects

Our activity for the day was building with straws and pipe cleaners. I needed straws that were different colors but all I could find on island were the clear ones. That's ok...they still had fun. I cut the straws into 3 different sizes and then cut the pipe cleaners into 2-3 inch pieces.

You can call me Lady Em....

Your Noble British Name Is:

Lady Emilie Sybilla Drummond

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The story of banana bread

Well actually, banana muffins. Logan has been begging me to make these since I mentioned them a few days ago. Today was the day. I put the baby down for a nap and we began our baking.

Logan and Tyler mushed the bananas into a chunky, gushy mess. Controlled destruction is what I call it.

Gently pouring the wet into the dry ingredients.
Eating the leftover chocolate chips.
Three different sizes of yummy goodness.
Briefly stopping to let mom take a picture before digging in!
And the final result....YUMMY! Or they thought so at least. I was disappointed because I forgot to put in the spices that my grandmother used to add in. DOH!

The summer of Isabelle

Every day Logan wakes up and says, can I go over Isabelle's house? She lives just across the street and he's constantly checking out the door to see if she's home. They play pretty much every day. Her mom, my new friend, Meredith, has invited Logan over for a faux sleepover. He goes over there, gets into pajamas, plays, watch movies, get ready for bed, etc but just comes home to sleep. Sounds like my kinda sleepover! (I'm one of those moms that just isn't ready for the real thing!...Like to keep em young as long as I can!) Logan told me that he can't decide just yet if he wants to marry Isabelle yet. Her mom said that they are open to courting ;-)