Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Bean, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!

At least that happens in this house! The boys had a great time with the activity for the day. BEANS! We started out making mini bean bag balls then we learned all about weight and then moved onto sorting and THEN we "cooked" with them (pretend of course because I'm not a fan of eating them!) Who knew that you could have so much fun with beans? This activity kept them busy for TWO hours! That's a major feat in this house!

Projects for next week:

  • Start an herb garden
  • Build a nail art board
  • Beach Molds
Tyler showing off his Batman ball.
Learning all about ounces. We played store and I was the customer. They really enjoyed this until Logan figured out that I was trying to teach him stuff!
With a bag of 15 bean soup mix they had a lot of different beans to sort!
Who needs a walker when you've got a stool?
Yesterday we went with friends to the aquarium. Notice Tyler behind the stroller.He was the first to spot the big pink shark. Not one of his favorites...

Logan (while holding a bag of chips): I wonder how many are in this bag?

Tyler: All of them!