Sunday, July 20, 2008

Biba Liberation!

Today was the liberation day parade. It was SO hot but thankfully we had umbrellas to shade us.
The kids had a great time collecting loads and loads of candy...greaaaat. Looking forward to the sugar high later!

Here's Tyler collecting what he can find and using his shirt to hold it all.
Here's our neighbor, Rick heading up the troops from ComNavMar. He is Isabelle's dad.

Here's Chief with a big smirk on his face. Last year he didn't break a smile so we were lucky this year! Uh oh, Chief...gotta watch that military bearing!!
Wow what a patriotic picture of CAPT Rothacker aka The Lollipop Man...that's what the boys call him!
All hot and sweaty....gotta love Guam!
They were bbqing on the float!
Fill 'er up...oh wait...those are carabaos! Who knew that they ran on gas?!

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