Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello from Bunny Town!

I'm bunny-sitting our friends bunnies and promised a peak at how they've been doing while the family is away. I swear I don't give them but ONE raisin a day like I was told but when I pulled the cover off of the box Floppy and UhOh both stuck their heads in.

The bunns are a little leary of me except for Floppy, the tan one.
He's my bud, the only one that comes to greet me and he actually let me brush him the other day!
I promise that I'm keeping the room clean but Logan came over with me yesterday and wanted to "help" which lead to their water bowl being knocked over hence the dark blue spot on the rug.

Garrett and Madison....the bunns say hello!


Navylangs said...

Garrett's first words every morning are "Do you think the bunns are o.k.?"
You made our day!
Thank you for loving our bunns