Saturday, July 19, 2008

Liberation Day BBQ

Today we attended our favorite church, Christian Life Center for worship and fellowship. We enjoyed great music, preaching and a very yummy spread of the island's best dishes. Afterwards Tyler followed around Miss Shannon (aka GUAM IDOL!) for some fun coconut hunting. He was trying to get her to climb a tree and get a coconut down but with the shoes she had on...don't think that would have been possible!

Can you say FIERCE! I love Shannon's shoes!
Ok so it was a rainy day on and my restless self has to do a project. It was one that I have been saving newspapers for. I finally get enough newspapers, rolled out 25 newspaper tubes, stapled them together and voila! A geodome. I was a little bit crazy for attempting this one with the boys running around wanting to "help" which basically means they wanted to take the newspaper tubes and beat each other with them as if they were swords! Once completed it stood erect in the middle of the floor for a total of 10 minutes before my los destructos squashed it. *sigh* So much for rainy day fun!
Blue-eyed boys...doesn't Ry look so old in this pic?
My new antique bookcase from Bali. It's got a crack on the top of the decorative trim so we got a discount on it. I would not have been able to afford it otherwise! It's ok to me's a symbol that reminds me that we are all some ways it can be seen and in other's it can't! Ok enough getting philosophical. That's also the chair that we bought that is teak with a leather cover. We're usually too cheap to buy nice furniture, plus I prefer old beat up stuff with character but we needed to get something from Guam before we leave!