Sunday, July 13, 2008

My version of Montessori

Excerpt from Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Montessori -- Italian educator and originator of the educational system that bears her name. The Montessori system is based on belief in the child’s creative potential, his drive to learn, and his right to be treated as an individual.

I'm really attracted to the Montessori activities (not so much the philosophy behind the teaching) and have tried to figure out ways to make the "toys" without spending a fortune. The boys have so many toys that don't require much imagination and therefore they are left to collect dust in their toy room. With the activities below they are 1.) learning, 2.) using their imagination, 3.) and keeping busy all for a very minimal price. I'm almost tempted to never buy full price toys and limit myself to getting them from thrift stores and yard sales. I know, sounds extreme and not quite sure that will happen but with the money spent on toys that are hardly played with just makes ya think....

Ty is learning the effect of funnels, and practicing dry "pouring".
Logan is sorting the beans by size and color.
Tyler is learning shapes by using colored rubber bands on a nail board. I was going to make a few of these but found it at a store that's going out of business. I might make a few for gifts though.
Logan is making a sunburst out of paint chips by separating the colors from dark to light. I got some paint chips from the hardware store and glued them to foam board which I already had. I numbered each chip (1-5) so Logan can check his work afterwards.
Ryland, just looking cute as usual!


Dot said...

You're so awesome Amy with your creative projects! I want one of those cool rubber band boards! hee hee! My boys were in a bilingual Montessori School in Virginia - they loved it! I loved it! Costly though!